This blog is a place to explore and document my attempts to apply the methods of ‘living history’-style reenactment to the fictional setting of the Star Wars galaxy, or as I’ll be referring to it, the GFFA (Galaxy Far, Far Away)!
While the idea of GFFA ‘reenacting’ originates with my buddy J. Book, I was encouraged to start this blog after completing the ‘Getting Started in Living History’ course from Jas. Townsend (creating a blog is one of their suggested tools to help find other interested folks and show off one’s research). Rather than reinventing the wheel and starting from scratch, since his format works so well, I’ve based the first few posts on their course, which I HIGHLY suggest to anyone with even the slightest interest in reenacting–these can be found collected at the FIRST STEPS page.
(While Townsend focuses on the ‘flintlock era’ of American history, the advice given in the series is absolutely applicable to any setting, historic or fictional—I’ve successfully applied it to my other ‘period’, late Third Age Middle-earth. Because of this, I highly encourage everyone to check it out.)
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Project: The Jedi Path – an exercise in distressing

One of my eventual goals for my NRAC impression is to attend an event and publicly ‘interpret’ a collection of in-universe artifacts from the Star Wars galaxy in first-person. While I’m always on the lookout for such items, it is especially fun when one comes along that seems tailor-made for this purpose.
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Project: ‘Strength and Obedience’ Imperial propaganda

In the course of a recent apartment move, I realized that I had a large project kicking around that I never got around to sharing when I finished it (probably because it’s not technically finished! 😉 Continue reading “Project: ‘Strength and Obedience’ Imperial propaganda”

NRAC: Building the Outer Persona – Tracker Vest

Yet again, keeping up a flow of regular postings becomes difficult due to various project delays and bottlenecks, but rest assured, I have not been idle in the hiatus! I have two 3D printed commissions on their way, picked up a new skill that I can use to create ‘primitive’ cultural artifacts, and I spent a large chunk of my Spring Break hard at work on a new vest for my archeologist impression, and I am very pleased with the results.
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NRAC: synthesis of kit design

“In the Outer Rim, what an individual wears is as much a calling card as a blaster pistol or an Imperial insignia. The clothes on a being’s back tell a tale as eloquent as any holonet drama. They speak of his priorities, how and where he works, his state and status in life, and the ways in which he wishes to present himself to the galaxy at large. -Armored plates sewn into clothing, gun belts loaded with firepower, and bandoliers slung across torsos are the hallmarks of bounty hunters and other guns for hire. Tool belts, bulging carryall bags, and coveralls smudged with machine fluids are the mark of a technician, and a flight suit sets a pilot apart in any crowd. Those who spend their time and make their living exploring and exploiting the vast empty places in the Rim are just as easily spotted. Well-worn clothes, battered packs, and goggles scratched by the dust of a thousand worlds tell of the many countless kilometers these hardy souls have traveled.” Fantasy Flight Games: Edge of the Empire – Enter the Unknown: page 44.

Last week I laid out my research into space-archeologist gear/clothing and utilitarian clothing in the 20ABY period; this week I am showing my current ideas for the items of kit which will be assembled to depict such an impression.
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NRAC: research and insights

Creation of a functional New Republic Archeological Corps impression will be an exercise in extrapolation, as I have a limited amount of data to draw from. In this post I’ll lay out and unpack the sources I uncovered, and next week I’ll reveal a ‘character design’ I have synthesized from these sources, and my explanation for these choices.
EotE-EtU p6As the main body of Star Wars material for popular consumption generally (and stubbornly) revolves around a cast of high-level generals, politicians, pilots, soldiers, and warrior-monks, ‘occupational’ characters like archeologists are not to be easily found. As I have frequently found in my efforts documented here, when ‘common’ background details are scarce, one can usually turn to role-playing game materials to flesh things out, and this case is no exception.
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Thoughts on Disney Galaxy’s Edge Cast Costumes

Last week, images were released which revealed the costumes to be worn by ‘cast members’ at the forthcoming ‘Star Wars land’ attractions at Disney parks. I don’t actively follow post-Disney developments, but what I’ve gathered via geek-internet-osmosis is that these cast members will essentially be playing the role of NPCs (non-player characters) who visitors can interact with and who will provide in-universe ‘atmosphere’ for the public, plus manning restaurants (food+beverage) and vending?
While I’m not concerned with ‘NewCanon’, I have spent the last three+ years breaking down the conventions of Galaxy Far Far Away fashion and subtly integrating them into my civilian wardrobe…so when I heard that these Disney park costumes would be ‘everyday’ clothing, I had to see how they lined up with my observations.
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the New Republic Archaeological Corps: groundwork for a new persona

As satisfying as it can be to gear up and authentically get out in one’s kit, I have to admit that the brainstorm/planning and obligatory research phases might be my favorite parts of the reenacting hobby. Taking the kernel of an idea, following rabbitholes, and seeing what can evolve out of it can really get my creative juices flowing…especially if it’s working towards a kit that’s not something we’ve seen a thousand times before! It’s one thing to say, ‘I want to put together a Rebel Fleet Trooper kit’ and then buy/sew the requisite black vest, blue shirt, gray pants, and boots, and buy/craft the swoop helmet and blaster pistol. It’s another thing altogether to ask, ‘I wonder how the average Corellian dressed?’ and then research, make a plan, and make it come alive! Continue reading “the New Republic Archaeological Corps: groundwork for a new persona”