This blog is a place to explore and document my attempts to apply the methods of ‘living history’-style reenactment to the fictional setting of the Star Wars galaxy, or as I’ll be referring to it, the GFFA (Galaxy Far, Far Away)!
While the idea of GFFA ‘reenacting’ originates with my buddy J. Book, I was encouraged to start this blog after completing the ‘Getting Started in Living History’ course from Jas. Townsend (creating a blog is one of their suggested tools to help find other interested folks and show off one’s research). Rather than reinventing the wheel and starting from scratch, since his format works so well, I’ve based the first few posts on their course, which I HIGHLY suggest to anyone with even the slightest interest in reenacting–these can be found collected at the FIRST STEPS page.
(While Townsend focuses on the ‘flintlock era’ of American history, the advice given in the series is absolutely applicable to any setting, historic or fictional—I’ve successfully applied it to my other ‘period’, late Third Age Middle-earth. Because of this, I highly encourage everyone to check it out.)
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Artifact ID: Galen Erso water test kit

(Credit for successful identification of this prop goes to Replica Prop Forum member ‘Saranac’.)

This ‘water tester’—which I guess fits in with the Erso character’s disguise as a ‘dirt farmer’?—is comprised simply of two items, one of which we have seen already! Continue reading “Artifact ID: Galen Erso water test kit”

Marking a milestone

It’s hard to believe, but this week marks this blog’s second anniversary, which means I’ve somehow been rolling out research, how-tos, analyses, and projects for the last two full years – all part of my continuing efforts to make the Galaxy Far, Far Away a legitimate setting for ‘historic’ reenacting.
Many thanks to those of you who have stopped by, liked posts, made great comments, subscribed to the blog, and even joined the conversations over on the SWLH facebook group!

If you’re just joining us, please check out the FIRST STEPS page to see just what Star Wars living history is all about, then leave a comment and introduce yourself below. Here’s to many more years of galactic ‘historic interpretation’ and ‘reenacting’ to come! May the Force be with you!

Artifact ID: Lyra Erso communicator

As explained in my earlier post of 24 June, I’m approaching the artifacts of Rogue One at arm’s length and with a grain of salt, under the understanding that the film is a materially-correct but narratively inaccurate holodrama. In this post, we’re looking at the belt communicator of the character ‘Lyra Erso’.
(Credit for successful detective work and identification goes to Rebel Legion forum member ‘the.rebel.agent’.)   What did it start its life as?

R1 lyraComm

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Galaxy’s Edge merch: ‘Resistance MRE’

resistanceMREContinuing our look at merchandise available at Disney Galaxy’s Edge, up next is the ‘Resistance MRE’. This sells at GE for $25, and is the one item I’ve actually been able to check out in person (shout-out to Seth for picking one up for me–thanks, pal!)
star-wars5-movie-screencaps.com-5547If this seems unfamiliar, it’s probably because it has nothing to do with the Sequel Trilogy ‘Resistance’–that’s just another attempt by Disney to impose ‘their’ setting as the dominant one. This should more accurately be called a Rebel Alliance ration kit!, and is based on the one Luke Skywalker brings with him when he first travels to Dagobah in search of Yoda. Continue reading “Galaxy’s Edge merch: ‘Resistance MRE’”

Artifact ID: G3 cleaning kit

Our Rogue One identification series continues, with a very useful–and very accessible–piece of German hardware that you can use to diversify your Star Wars-reenacting ‘hard kit’.R1 G3box
Credit for this goes to German contributor ‘T.K.’, whose eagle eyes were able to identify the gray-and-yellow box on the shoulder of ‘Cassian Andor’ as a familiar bit of Deutschland militaria.
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Galaxy’s Edge merch: Jedi Food Capsules

An online friend of mine, whose living history efforts I’ve helped mentor, lives in California and took a trip to the Galaxy’s Edge park recently, and was kind enough to ask if I would be interested in any of their merch.
While I am not really interested in post-Disney Star Wars, I have been using Youtube to vicariously check out the new park since its opening…because as someone (with a minimal budget) and an interest in GFFA full-immersion interactions with the public, I’m always curious to see how things get done with a Disney-sized budget behind them.
Since I was already going to discuss the one item S.K. picked up for me (much appreciated, brother!), I figured I could also springboard and offer a few comments on the other merchandise I’ve seen offered for sale at Galaxy’s Edge, as the various items might pertain to our efforts here.

Let’s start with the Jedi food capsules ($20, set of 6):
Jedi-capsules-SWGEIf you’re interested in portraying an Old Republic/Prequel-era Jedi, the Jedi food capsules are a key item to decorate your utility belt; per in-universe lore, these would’ve contained survival rations for Jedi to use on their missions. But are these replicas worth purchasing? Continue reading “Galaxy’s Edge merch: Jedi Food Capsules”

Artifact ID: Paterson Trident

Before we take a dive into the props of Rouge One, I first wanted to share this Classic Trilogy gem of an artifact.
The Patterson Trident is truly a relic from a bygone age. Slide viewers, amiright? Obsolete though it might be, by playing a part in the most influential film of the last 40 years, the Trident has enjoyed a second life by being a hot commodity among dedicated prop-replicators.
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